Tray Forming, Stacking & Feeding

Tray Forming, Stacking & Feeding

Wexxar Bel's IPAK Tray Forming, Stacking and Feeding Packaging Machines can be the perfect compliment to any tray forming production line.

These state-of-the-art tray forming systems and accessories are meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled precision and efficiency across a spectrum of industries. Engineered for maximum performance, IPAK ‘s versatile solutions effortlessly adapt to varying case sizes and ensure a seamless production process.

24V DC Roller Conveyors


24V DC Roller Conveyors

MD Packaging proudly offers George A. Wright 24V CD Roller Conveyor Systems.

Boasting a century of expertise, the skilled Millwrights at GAW have the capability to fabricate virtually any material handling system to meet your specific needs. Don’t choose the wrong Conveyor, Choose WrightLine!

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Switchback offers an extensive array of cartoning equipment and carton packaging machines, including side-load (horizontal), vertical cartoners and top load cartoners.

Switchback cartoning machinery is based on modular assemblies to give you flexible machine configurations. Each one is hygienic, ergonomic and designed with accessibility in mind to help you smash OEE ceilings.





MD Packaging and SureKap have been partners in the Canadian marketplace since 1989

SureKap’s expertise with inline capping machines is second to none. They manufacture a wide variety of heavy duty inline capping equipment that meets the requirements of most cap types, shapes and sizes. From the compact and durable tabletop cappers to fully automated, high speed models, their capping machines set the standard in accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.

Tray Formers

tray formers

Tray Formers


Boix is the market leader in forming and gluing both corrugated and solid board packaging.

They offer a diverse range of tray formers – offering a solution that suits a variety of needs. From 1400 trays per hour – up to 6,000 – Boix can help!

Wexxar Bel IPAK tray formers are equipped with servo motors, ensuring high precision and dependable performance while lowering operating costs.

Capable of shaping a wide array of tray types, each machine can handle various tray styles. These fully automatic tray formers offer extensive versatility to accommodate the expanding needs of various industries, significantly enhancing efficiency in the packaging process.

Emerald Automation integrates a diverse yet practical approach to machinery design to provide rugged construction complemented with state-of-the-art technologies.

With their tray former – you can pick, glue, form and seal 25 trays/minute.

RPC Automation

rpc automation

RPC Automation


MD Packaging has partnered with Oryx Automation for the supply and support of their world class crate handling equipment.

Oryx Automation works with growers, agribusiness and wash plants to implement automated crate handling equipment. Oryx designs and manufactures single RPC erectors through to palletizers, depalletizers, sorting and stretch wrapping equipment. Whether you just need to erect Returnable Plastic Crates or have an entire wash plant system designed, you’ll enjoy lower overall cost of use with Oryx equipment.

Oryx equipment combines practical design, robust manufacturing and simple operation providing their customers with a thoroughly reliable machine. With over ten years’ experience in RPC Automation, Fibre King’s crate handling brand, Oryx Automation, is trusted globally to work at grower operations and wash plant facilities. Backed by Fibre King’s extensive Engineering experience spanning over ninety years gives their customers peace of mind that they are being serviced by an experienced global player.

When implemented effectively, Crate Automation achieves the following benefits for

Reduced Direct Labour Costs

Staff currently used for the manual handling of crates can be utilized more effectively on production and quality inspection lines.

Improved Productivity

The subsequent benefit of redeploying staff to other lines is increased productivity.

Increased Product Quality

Automated Crate packing ensures consistent product handling which can improve product quality and increase retail sales. Automation also ensure RPCs are handled gently and consistently.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Occupational Health and Safety Risks associated with repetitive actions over time are reduced.

Increased Capacity

During peak times the Crate Automation can handle increased capacity without the need for additional staff members being employed.

Robotic Partition Inserters

robotic partition inserter

Robotic Partition Inserters


Pearsons’ Robotic Partition Inserters place up to 20, 38 or 55 chipboard or corrugated partitions per minute depending on the number of robots used.

A pick-off carriage supports the reliable singulation of the partitions from the magazine. The robot tool then grabs the opposing panels to stabilize the partitions during motion and placement. By angling the partitions prior to insertion, snag points can be eliminated. Line tracking further enables continuous motion, which increases throughput and reduces machine wear as well as the risk of product damage. Side belt infeed ensures control of the cases as they are being introduced into the system, while a high friction bottom belt eliminates side pressure and maintains accurate case positioning.


  • HMI with User Centric Design
  • Safety Redundancy with CAT 3
  • Reliable Non-Contact Interlocks
  • High-Visibility Machine Status
  • Easily Accessible Grace Port
  • Auxillary Operator Station
  • Remote Access Support Capability


  • Robotic Tamper
  • Magazine Extension
  • Air Conditioner
  • Low Temperature Environment


  • Cosmetics
  • Chemicals

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Marking and Labeling

marking and labeling

Marking and Labeling


Whether you are printing small or large characters, fixed images, lot and date codes, or even variable data, inc.jet’s marking printers can do it all.

With rugged, flexible hardware, software that puts you in control of how you integrate inc.jet into your projects and the widest range of inks for marking on almost anything – from paper to foils, in black or in colour – inc.jet’s packaging printers provide the ultimate industrial marking system. They are leaders in the marking and coding industry!


Universal Labeling is North America’s largest manufacturer of made-to-order labeling machinery.

Their line of standard and custom labeling systems are designed and built in St. Petersburg, Florida. With their own in-house design, fabrication, assembly, testing and parts facilities, they are a complete manufacturer of pressure sensitive labeling machinery.

Link Pack Group Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of packaging and labeling equipment for the North American Market. Every piece of Link Pack equipment has CSA certification, assures accuracy & dependability and is backed by dedicated service technicians.

Link Pack’s aim is to assist manufacturers of various industries to achieve their full potential thanks to efficient, straightforward, quality automated packaging equipment.

Gernep is a highly skilled International team focussing exclusively on designing, manufacturing, and servicing rotary labelers.

Their user-friendly “made in Germany” Pressure-Sensitive, Hot Melt, Cold Glue, and combination machines provide ultimate versatility, easy maintenance, and optimized production uptime.





Link Pack offers custom automatic container lidding systems.

Their container lidding machinery consists of gravity lid infeed or lid sorter to loosely deposit container lids. Containers move horizontally on the conveyor and move through three basic steps, lid depositing, alignment and roller sealing & come out with a secured seal. 

These machines can be used as stand alone systems or integrated with denesters, fillers and accumulation tables.

Case Packers

case packer

Case Packers


Pearson Packaging offers custom robotic packing capabilities.

Their case packing solution consists of product handling and transfer including sorting, orienting and collating. They can group products to form pack patterns including vertical and/or horizontal loading techniques, interleaved, stacked, on edge, on end, rainbow or variety packs, bulk and shelf-ready. Pearson’s case packing systems offer reliability in washdown, freezing, dusty, hot or humid environments.

Emerald offers a variety of case packing solutions that are built to last.

Their rugged designs are ready for harsh packaging environments such as fresh produce, potato processing and even frozen food production. Their case packing solutions are divided into four categories – vertical bag pack, horizontal bag pack, case formers & erectors and case positioners.


Discover Hamrick Packaging Machinery

Where Simplicity, Versatility, and Durability Meet. Hammerick drop packers are designed for ease, accommodating diverse product styles. Engineered to exceed durability standards, they handle 15-60 cycles per minute and various rigid containers. Quick changeovers minimize downtime, while cost-effective change parts enable seamless transitions between products.

MPac stands as a global leader among case packing companies, offering dependable and sturdy case packer machines for utilization in international manufacturing.

Their packing machines for boxes cater to a diverse range of packaging needs, accommodating anything from small boxes to substantial palletized loads.