Robotic Partition Inserters


Pearsons’ Robotic Partition Inserters place up to 20, 38 or 55 chipboard or corrugated partitions per minute depending on the number of robots used.

A pick-off carriage supports the reliable singulation of the partitions from the magazine. The robot tool then grabs the opposing panels to stabilize the partitions during motion and placement. By angling the partitions prior to insertion, snag points can be eliminated. Line tracking further enables continuous motion, which increases throughput and reduces machine wear as well as the risk of product damage. Side belt infeed ensures control of the cases as they are being introduced into the system, while a high friction bottom belt eliminates side pressure and maintains accurate case positioning.


  • HMI with User Centric Design
  • Safety Redundancy with CAT 3
  • Reliable Non-Contact Interlocks
  • High-Visibility Machine Status
  • Easily Accessible Grace Port
  • Auxillary Operator Station
  • Remote Access Support Capability


  • Robotic Tamper
  • Magazine Extension
  • Air Conditioner
  • Low Temperature Environment


  • Cosmetics
  • Chemicals

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