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Packaging Services and Support

At MD Packaging, we are experts in providing comprehensive packaging solutions to our clients. With years of experience in the industry, we understand the challenges facing manufacturing businesses today and offer a range of services and support to maintain peak productivity and longevity from packaging equipment.
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Preventative Maintenance Program

Our Preventative Maintenance Program is designed to prevent avoidable machine damage and prevent costly downtime. Our program includes regular maintenance checks, on-site training, and optional wear/tear parts. Acting as a surrogate maintenance department, our customers can rest assured that their packaging operations continue to run smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

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Technical Service


Unexpected repair emergencies can arise at any time. Our skilled technical service managers are available coast-to-coast for immediate assistance.

Spare Parts

With an extensive inventory of spare parts and six factory-trained service technicians on staff, we are the only packaging equipment distributor who is committed to reducing costly downtime by shortening response times. Parts and service support are only a phone call away!


X-ray, checkweigher, and scale calibration services provide essential benefits to clients seeking to ensure product quality, regulatory compliance, and cost-effectiveness.


Metal-detection, x-ray, and checkweigher certifications assure manufacturers that their machines function correctly and meet regulatory requirements and brand protection.

Radiation Surveys

Our extensive experience evaluating X-ray equipment can provide detailed reports on compliance with Health Canada's regulations under the Radiation Emitting Devices Act.


Our services encompass tailored training programs for your operations that cover a wide range of equipment such as case erecting and sealing machines, inspection equipment, including X-Ray and metal detection, and checkweighing.

X-Ray Rentals

Our services encompass tailored training programs that cover a wide range of equipment such as case erecting and sealing machines, inspection equipment, including X-Ray and metal detection, and checkweighing.

Emergency Product Inspection Services

Our adaptable program allows us to deliver equipment and technical expertise for re-work at your facilities. Alternatively, we can receive products for re-work at our facilities (depending on the product) Learn More

Emergency Product Inspection Services

Detect, Recover & Protect Your Brand Ensure product integrity and consumer trust with MD Packaging’s emergency product inspection services. We utilize cutting-edge Thermo Fischer Scientific X-ray, Metal Detection, and Checkweighing technologies, combined with our unparalleled technical expertise, to thoroughly test suspected products for contaminants or defects.

Advanced Thermo Fischer technologies also enable us to identify product damage, missing items, and improperly filled packages. By ensuring that you only supply quality-assured products, we maximize your product recovery and uphold your commitment to excellence.


Unlock Flexible Financing Options for Your Equipment Needs with MD Packaging and Equilease

At MD Packaging, we believe that leasing your equipment purchase is of significant value when considering significant investments.

With Equilease’s streamlined and efficient leasing process, acquiring the necessary equipment and software for your business becomes a breeze. Whether you run an established company or are a start-up, investing in new equipment can significantly boost your revenue. By opting for equipment leasing, you can enhance your cash flow, leading to a more effective and successful operation.

Take advantage of this unique financing option, tailored to meet your specific needs, through MD Packaging and Equilease. Acquire the equipment and software necessary to drive your business forward without straining your budget.

Leasing Benefits

  • 100% financing with no down payment or upfront administration fees.
  • Fixed monthly payments: Turns a single purchase into a small monthly payment, freeing up vital capital to grow the business.
  • Payments including sales tax are spread out over the duration of the term.
  • Helps to manage cash flow.
  • Preserves working capital and existing lines of credit for day-to-day operating expenses and unforeseen emergencies.
  • Provides tax benefits as leasing is an operating expense which can be written-off in most cases.
  • Flexibility in structuring your lease term and payment schedule.
  • Protection from equipment devaluation or obsolescence because you can upgrade your equipment with minimal charges.
  • Leases are often easier to obtain and have more flexible terms than loans.

Leasing Terms

  • Minimum purchase for leasing is $1,500 (before taxes).
  • Some items of lower value qualify for leasing if accessorized.
  • Lease terms are available from 24-66 months.
  • O.A.C. (On Approved Credit).
  • First and last month payment in advance.