Configurable Case Packer


Pearson’s robotic case packing systems provide an accurate way to gently pack your products for shipping. The flexibility in design means each case packer is capable of handling one or more products, even if they vary in size and/or shape.

Their robotic case packers provide versatility and reliability for manufacturers struggling with bottlenecks, reducing costs, increasing capacity, adding new product lines, and special environments.


  • Flexibility for different product types and case sizes
  • The best technology; highly customizable servo-powered robots
  • Powder-coated aluminum or corrosiveresistant stainless steel

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  • Air Condition is when ambient temperature becomes too hot
  • Heater and dryer for low temperature environments


  • Alcohol & Spirts
  • Bakery
  • Beverage
  • Cannabis
  • CBD
  • Chemicals

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Other Configurations

  • Cup Case Packing System
  • Bag Case Packing System
  • Can Case Packing System
  • Bakery Case Packing System
  • Tube Case Packing System
  • Bottle Case Packing System

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