Tray Formers


Boix is the market leader in forming and gluing both corrugated and solid board packaging.

They offer a diverse range of tray formers – offering a solution that suits a variety of needs. From 1400 trays per hour – up to 6,000 – Boix can help!

Wexxar Bel IPAK tray formers are equipped with servo motors, ensuring high precision and dependable performance while lowering operating costs.

Capable of shaping a wide array of tray types, each machine can handle various tray styles. These fully automatic tray formers offer extensive versatility to accommodate the expanding needs of various industries, significantly enhancing efficiency in the packaging process.

Emerald Automation integrates a diverse yet practical approach to machinery design to provide rugged construction complemented with state-of-the-art technologies.

With their tray former – you can pick, glue, form and seal 25 trays/minute.