Introducing the new lower-cost RPC GS Erector by Oryx Automation. Cleverly designed to be the most economical and user-friendly crate erector available, it runs faster and uses less electricity than a kitchen toaster.

Oryx Crate Erectors have handled over 130 million returnable plastic crates (RPCs) to date, minimizing labour costs for both small and large operations globally. The GS model is capable of running a range of RPCs at up to 25 crates per minute. It is available with various options on the infeed and outfeed to marry seamlessly and integrate with existing packing lines.


  • Automatic Operation – Allows for unattended operation of either:
    Thin base RPC sizes from 6408 to 6419, OR Thick base RPC sizes from 6423 to 6428.
  • Fast Operation & Fast Changeovers – Up to 25 RPCs per minute are run through the machine in size batches. A small mechanical and program change is required to change batches.

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  • Automatic Loading from Pallet – Stacks of unerected RPCs are automatically loaded onto the infeed conveyor of the erector.
  • Liner Bag Inserter – Automatic insertion of polybag into erected RPCs.
  • Stacker Palletizer – 
    Erected RPCs are stacked then loaded onto an empty pallet for delivery to pack stations.


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