RPC Automation


MD Packaging has partnered with Oryx Automation for the supply and support of their world class crate handling equipment.

Oryx Automation works with growers, agribusiness and wash plants to implement automated crate handling equipment. Oryx designs and manufactures single RPC erectors through to palletizers, depalletizers, sorting and stretch wrapping equipment. Whether you just need to erect Returnable Plastic Crates or have an entire wash plant system designed, you’ll enjoy lower overall cost of use with Oryx equipment.

Oryx equipment combines practical design, robust manufacturing and simple operation providing their customers with a thoroughly reliable machine. With over ten years’ experience in RPC Automation, Fibre King’s crate handling brand, Oryx Automation, is trusted globally to work at grower operations and wash plant facilities. Backed by Fibre King’s extensive Engineering experience spanning over ninety years gives their customers peace of mind that they are being serviced by an experienced global player.

When implemented effectively, Crate Automation achieves the following benefits for

Reduced Direct Labour Costs

Staff currently used for the manual handling of crates can be utilized more effectively on production and quality inspection lines.

Improved Productivity

The subsequent benefit of redeploying staff to other lines is increased productivity.

Increased Product Quality

Automated Crate packing ensures consistent product handling which can improve product quality and increase retail sales. Automation also ensure RPCs are handled gently and consistently.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Occupational Health and Safety Risks associated with repetitive actions over time are reduced.

Increased Capacity

During peak times the Crate Automation can handle increased capacity without the need for additional staff members being employed.