BEL 5150U Semi Automatic Form, Pack & Seal Unitized Machine


BEL 5150U Semi Automatic Form, Pack & Seal Unitized Machine

The 5150U is a compact and economical all-in-one machine that revolutionizes your packaging process, seamlessly integrating case forming, packing, and sealing into one powerful unit. Designed for ease of use, it holds the formed case in place and allows operators to pack with less strain and provides a smoother workflow.

Optimize space and streamline operations with a reduced footprint and changeover points. The Bel 5150U ensures perfectly formed and sealed cases thanks to innovative features like flap folding technology and the Dekka tape head.


  • Single Operator Forming, Packing & Sealing
  • Uni-Drive Belt System Eliminates Skew
  • Electro-Pneumatic Precision Dynamic Flap Folding
  • Quick 3 Point Size Change
  • Power Save Mode to Save Power and Reduce Wear & Tear
  • Built-In KDf Box Stand Allows for More Ergonomic Operation
  • Dekka SE-22 Stainless Steel Tape Head


  • Speeds up to 15 cpm
  • Premium Welded Frame
  • 73” L x 33” W x 60” H


  • Bakery

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