New Partnership

new partnership
new partnership

Exciting news for our valued customers and partners in Canada!

We are delighted to thank Pearson Packaging Systems for awarding us exclusive distribution rights for the Canadian market. Our partnership ensures support before, during, and after Pearson machinery installation, benefiting Canadian manufacturers.

As proud partners, we are committed to supporting the thriving landscape of Canadian manufacturing. “Canadian customers highly value local support. This applies to a timely response in a downtime situation to understanding local codes and requirements and simply knowing our customs and traditions and sharing the same holidays. As a 100% Canadian owned and operated company, it is important to us to support other Canadian businesses by providing superior value at a national level that our international partners could not.” Jaime Alboim, CEO of The Tessera Group and MD Packaging.

“We are excited to expand our footprint in the Canadian market with the help of MD Packaging and look forward to a long and prosperous partnership.” Chris Gallagher, Chief Sales Officer at Pearson Packaging Systems.

About Pearson Packaging

Pearson Packaging Systems is a leading provider of secondary packaging automation solutions, specializing in case erectors, robotic top-loaders, sealers, and robotic palletizers. With a comprehensive portfolio of products, the company helps customers address challenges related to labor costs, supply and safety issues, quality control, and throughput efficiency.

Optimizing Packaging Efficiency

optimizing packaging effeciency

Pearson Packaging’s Compact Case Erector Wins Over Plant Manager

Our client, based in Quebec, recently added another case erector to their secondary packaging line. Having had a positive experience with Pearson Packaging in the past, the plant manager was convinced that he should look no further.

Although the new engineer for the plant did his due diligence researching other OEMs and equipment, Pearson Packaging’s compact build emerged as the ideal solution for their requirements. The case erector’s compact design ensured a perfect fit within the available space on the mezzanine and offered the necessary functionality and efficiency.

The Pearson Packaging CE25 Case Erector was up and running efficiently in no time. The seamless integration of the Pearson equipment into the existing packaging line further solidified the client’s satisfaction with their decision.

Through their commitment to providing compact and efficient packaging solutions, Pearson Packaging successfully addressed the unique needs of our Quebec-based client. The client’s positive experience with Pearson’s quick setup and reliable performance further reinforces their reputation for quality equipment and ours as a trusted partner in the Canadian packaging industry.

MD Packaging Makes Partner of the Year!

We appreciate the opportunity to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the whole MD Packaging team which has contributed to bein awarded Pearson Packaging Systems Partner of the Year for the following achievements:

• Year over Year growth
• Revenue $$
• Product mix category thresholds
• Collaboration and team engagement

This recognition is a testament to our strong partnership and we look forward to continuing to drive great success together in 2023

New Partnership

new partnership agyle

We are happy to announce that have become distributing partners for Agyle Intelligence. Through this partnership with Agyle Intelligence’s advanced digitization and automated reporting services we aim to positively impact our clients’ bottom line by providing a broad range of real-time tracking opportunities for the critical use cases that are unique for each customers operation, be it shipping, inventory, lean/CI, production-based metrics or more.

“We believe that this strategic partnership with Agyle Intelligence will add significant value to our customers’ businesses while reinforcing our position as a leading packaging equipment and services supplier in North America,” said Jaime Alboim, CEO of MD Packaging.

View the Press Release here.

New Headquarters

new headquarters

We are thrilled to announce that the Tessera Group has chosen the home for its new corporate headquarters! In the next 18 – 24 months, we will bring MD Packaging Inc., George A. Wright, and Penmar Automation Inc. together under one roof. Bringing our teams and resources together will give us the synergy and opportunity to strengthen team relationships and amplify the Tessera Group brand.

We look forward to breaking ground at 181 North Port Road in the Township of Scugog and will keep customers and collaborators updated as we progress with the project.

We will be happy to address any questions of concerns you may have. Just reach out!

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