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New solutions for x-ray inspection

New nextGuard x-ray Solutions

We are thrilled to announce the addition of the new Thermo Fischer Scientific NextGuard X-Ray Inspection options. This cutting-edge system, designed to enhance performance and efficiency across various industries, can now be equipped with manually adjustable guide rails and thin slit curtains. 

Thin Slit Curtains

MD Packaging introduces Thermo Fischer Scientific thin slit curtains are designed for lightweight and narrow profile products, making them ideal for applications where product safety and compliance are paramount. 

single & multi-lane Guide Rails

Thermo Fischer Scientific’s new guide rails are equipped with adjustable features that allow for two-dimensional adjustments, ensuring precise product alignment and superior inspection results. Whether you are working with single lane inspections to center products or multi-lane setups to expand your inspection capacity, the NextGuard system provides the flexibility you need.

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