Join us for a Webinar – July 29th

join us for a webinar


Enercon is hosting a webinar on July 29th at 10am CDT/11am ET.  Join their experts for highlights on:

  • Newly integrated inspection including stalled bottle detection
  • Economical rejection options
  • New Menu Driven Interface
  • New All-in-One sealing head
  • Universal input voltage
  • And much more…

CLICK HERE to register.

A practical guide to metal detection & x-ray inspection of food

a practical guide to metal detection

Detecting foreign objects in food is integral to food safety and quality – and ultimately to your brand reputation and consumer safety.  This newly expanded and updated ebook is a primer on how to navigate the challenges of keeping food free from foreign objects.  And, it offers insights to help you understand choices among metal detection and x-ray solutions.  CLICK HERE to download.

X-ray inspection for a wide variety of food products

xray inspection for a variety of food products

Thermo Scientific Nextguard Pro Conveyor X-ray Detection System

The Thermo Scientific NextGuard X-ray system is designed to make moving from metal detection to x-ray detection easy, fast and inexpensive.  It is ideal for finding dense or sharp objects in a wide variety of products as well as detecting errors like over/under fill or missing, misplaced, cracked or incorrectly formed products.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

Face Shields | Made in Canada

face shields made in canada

Our face shields are made in Canada and provide full face protection + excellent visibility.  They are a useful tool for those facing regular contact, at close proximity, with others.  Our face shields can be wiped down and reused.  Click here to download our brochure.

Our New Partnership with Sepha

our new partnership with sepha

MD Packaging is pleased to announce a new partnership with Sepha in Canada for two of its main leak test devices for induction sealed bottles.  Click here for the press release.

MD Packaging Knows Food Safety

md packaging knows food safety

Rest assured – you can protect your brand and still increase your bottom line.  MD Packaging’s product inspection equipment can help provide you with the performance and service you need to detect foreign objects in food/pharmaceuticals and improve the quality and safety of your products.  Our lineup of equipment designed and fabricated for sanitary environments gives you the peace of mind you need to ensure your rigorous cleaning procedures won’t damage your long term investment!  Click here to learn more.