CDLR Pallet Handling Conveyor Systems


CDLR Pallet Handling Conveyor Systems

MD Packaging proudly offers George A. Wright modular CDLR palletizing conveyor systems.

Boasting a century of expertise, the skilled Millwrights at GAW have the capability to fabricate virtually any material handling system to meet your specific needs. Don’t choose the wrong Conveyor, Choose WrightLine!

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MD Packaging is Highlight’s preferred distributor in Canada for sales and service.

Highlight offers a wide variety of stretch wrapping solutions to meet your product requirements and budget. Turntable systems, rotary arm, orbital bundling, roll wrappers and coil wrappers + so much more.

TechnoWrapp are the pallet care people. When you choose Technowrapp, you're choosing more than just packaging solutions – you're choosing a partnership with a team of passionate individuals dedicated to delivering the finest products and services in the industry.





Pearson Packaging is a palletizer manufacturer and robotic integrator, providing automated palletizing systems that offer distinct advantages over conventional systems.

At a fraction of the cost, robotic palletizers adapt to changes through simple reprogramming and, if needed, a new end of arm tool (EOAT). Robotic palletizing cannot match the sheer speed of fixed automation, but with the advances in EOAT technology not far behind; the benefits of robot palletizing far outweighs that concern.