BL18 Bag Inserter


Pearson BI18 Bag Inserter opens, inserts, and cuffs perforated plastic bags from roll stock into a wide variety of corrugated cases at speeds of up to 18 cases per minute.

Opposing vacuum plenums ensure consistent bag opening by grasping both sides of the bag simultaneously and pulling them in opposite directions. Cuffing fingers then contain the top perimeter of the bag as the vacuum releases. To enable fast feeding of bags, antistatic bars dissipate any built-up electricity and a hydraulic bag roll lift cart supports ergonomic replacement of heavy bag rolls.


  • Standard Features
  • HMI with User Centric Design
  • Safety Redundancy with CAT 3
  • Reliable Non-Contact Interlocks
  • High-Visibility Machine Status
  • Easily Accessible Grace Port
  • Auxillary Operator Station
  • Remote Access Support Capability
  • Low Bag Roll Detect
  • Hydraulic Bag Roll Lift Cart


  • Oversized and Undersized Case Support
  • Additional Bag Roll
  • Fitted Conveyor
  • Fitted Mandrel
  • Air Conditioner
  • Low Temperature Environment
  • Portability
  • Plant Level Ethernet Connection


  • Chemicals
  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Industrial (construction)

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