AF-40 Potato Wrapper


Leveraging an exclusive patented belt design to expertly wrap potatoes in aluminum foil, achieving an impressive rate of 40 wraps per minute.

Uniquely designed, it deviates from the norm by utilizing foil rolls instead of individual sheets. A servo-operated roller in-feed smoothly transports the product, ensuring a gentle entrance into the catch gates. A photo-electric eye triggers the servo-driven plunger which guides the product through the pre-cut foil and into the wrap belts. Wrapped items are then deposited to the discharge conveyor, ready for the next packaging steps.


  • Uses rolls of foil vs individual sheets for wrapping
  • Up to 40 potatoes/min
  • Capable of wrapping 60-110 count potatoes
  • Servo film feed
  • Quick change knives & tuckers
  • Servo-driven knife
  • Ethernet communications
  • Easy-to-use operator interface with on-board help screens


  • Food

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