Pearson Packaging’s Compact Case Erector Wins Over Plant Manager

Our client, based in Quebec, recently added another case erector to their secondary packaging line. Having had a positive experience with Pearson Packaging in the past, the plant manager was convinced that he should look no further.

Although the new engineer for the plant did his due diligence researching other OEMs and equipment, Pearson Packaging’s compact build emerged as the ideal solution for their requirements. The case erector’s compact design ensured a perfect fit within the available space on the mezzanine and offered the necessary functionality and efficiency.

The Pearson Packaging CE25 Case Erector was up and running efficiently in no time. The seamless integration of the Pearson equipment into the existing packaging line further solidified the client’s satisfaction with their decision.

Through their commitment to providing compact and efficient packaging solutions, Pearson Packaging successfully addressed the unique needs of our Quebec-based client. The client’s positive experience with Pearson’s quick setup and reliable performance further reinforces their reputation for quality equipment and ours as a trusted partner in the Canadian packaging industry.