Sigma Stretch Film


Sigma Stretch Film sees the world of stretch packaging in a unique way focusing on the value they bring to customers through differentiated products, professional customer service representatives, and the most experienced sales pros in the industry.

Sigma stands above the rest with its proprietary Rite-Gauging process that takes a holistic view of clients’ total packaging operation. Creating the best packaging for the specific application and creatively improving efficiencies in the packaging process to improve their clients’ profitability.

Sigma Stretch Film’s unique, value-added, go-to-market strategy is their key point of differentiation. Their 12,000-square-foot Training Center and Packaging Assessment Lab in Shelbyville, Kentucky called Packworx. The research, sales training, and client support done at Packworx is unrivaled in the industry and what makes them different, and they are proud of it!

Let our packaging experts help you with hand film, machine film, agricultural products, or specialty films!


Hand Film

Sigma hand films are versatile, easy to use and reduce film break. With a wide variety of film grades and gauges to handle any application.


Machine Film

Sigma machine films are designed to handle demanding applications with puncture & tear resistance, and provide excellent containment ability & load integrity.


Pre-Stretched Films

Sigma Stretch Film’s premium grade stretch film made with a special orientation process that produces stronger films at thinner gauges.

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