Pearson Hot Melt Adhesives


Excellent bond strength of all PearsonMelt adhesive products means that superior bonds can be achieved with lower coat weights. This reduction results in substantial cost savings and eliminates thousands of pounds from landfills.

PearsonMelt metallocene adhesives are lower density compared to conventional hotmelts. Sold by the pound but consumed by volume, the reduced density results in more sealed cases per pound. Depending on your application, you can lower your hot melt consumption by up to 30%.
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PearsonMelt 110

This high-performance metallocene is formulated to tackle the most demanding packaging applications. Pearsonmelt 110 bonds to a variety of difficult coatings and varnished substrates. The high hot tack is particularly suitable for application situations with high memory forces or lack of counter pressure.

PearsonMelt 310

This high-performance packaging hot melt has a fast set speed and outstanding bond strength, ideal for high-speed case and tray sealing. PearsonMelt 310 has excellent hot tack and wet out properties making it a great tool to optimize production lines with short compression times. It features good heat and cold resistance, making it a versatile adhesive for a wide range of applications.

PearsonMelt 415 LT

This low temperature hot melt is primarily used for end of line case and carton sealing. It exhibits aggressive hot tack, excellent adhesion to coated board stocks, and clean machining properties. It has a fast set speed that works well even at high line speeds.

PearsonMelt 506

This high performance, pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive is designed to run on roll or magazine fed labelers. With aggressive tack at low coat weights, long open time and excellent machining characteristics, it is suitable for pick-up as well as overlap bonding and other applications requiring high tack at a low viscosity such as pallet stabilization.

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