Sanitary Conveying Equipment


MD Packaging is an authorized partner of George A Wright & Son’s in Canada for sales and service.

George Wright’s extensive knowledge of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries has given them the edge when it comes to designing and building sanitary conveying equipment.   Whether you are looking for complete wash-down food processing conveyors or stainless steel packaging conveyors, their heavy-duty conveying equipment will work for you.

Bulk Conveyors

Rely on their troughed-belt conveyors when you need to convey bulk materials. These easy-tracking conveyors come with options such as pneumatic take-ups and easy-clean underpins.

High Speed Mergers

Their high-speed merger allows you to merge two or more lanes of hard-to-accumulate products without stopping them. PLC controlled and servo-driven, their merger brings your products into one stream seamlessly.

Table Top Conveyors

Durable, long-lasting and low maintenance table-top conveyors will provide you with years of reliable service.


If your application requires positive tracking in a conveyor that is easier to clean than a modular plastic belt, a conveyor may be your solution.

Utility Conveyors

Designed for economical installation of print or Xray heads, their line of utility conveyors includes slots and utility rails for mounting and adjusting processing heads.

Metal-Detector Conveyors

Their conveyors conform to metal-detector manufacturer’s specifications to eliminate static and electrical fields which can inhibit the effectiveness of your metal detector.

Sanitary Belt Conveyors

With options like quick-release take-ups, auto trackers, belt scrapers, fixed and live nose bars, their line of sanitary belt conveyors allows you to tailor your system to your needs.

Modular Plastic Belt Conveyors

Eliminate tracking issues with modular plastic belt conveyors.

Stainless Steel Roller Conveyors

Do you require unit handling conveyors for stainless steel? George Wright Toronto can supply you with driven or gravity-roller conveyor for your food-grade application.