Leak Detection

Sepha provides a range of non-destructive and deterministic leak test solutions developed to detect leaks in a wide variety of induction sealed containers and flexible packaging in the food & beverage industry. The company offers manufacturers reliable and objective test methods that are a cost saving alternative to destructive test methods including blue dye and the bubble test. Unlike these industry standard destructive methods, Sepha’s test process is clean and dry, allowing products that have passed the test, to be returned to the production line.



The Sepha BottleScan is a non-destructive, deterministic, and tool-less multi-bottle leak tester for induction sealed bottles or tubs with solid or dry contents.

Depending on bottle type, the BottleScan can identify leaks down to 15µm in up to 4 bottles per test cycle in 30 – 90 seconds. The tool-less design enables a fast changeover between different size bottles, making it ideal for production lines with multiple products. The system can store up to 30,000 recipes for different bottle types and sizes.

The machine is easy to operate and eliminates operator subjectivity as the force decay test method provides deterministic and repeatable results. A visual representation on the result screen will show a pass or fail result for each individual bottle.

The BottleScan is cGMP compliant and can form part of a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system.

Leak Detection


The Sepha Multi-Q is a multi-functional, non-destructive leak test system designed to test the integrity of rigid and flexible packaging including bottles, pouches, sachets and devices.

The bench top device has a small footprint and can be used in the lab or beside the line to conduct a sample test to ensure package integrity. The system uses interchangeable test attachments including vacuum decay, pressure decay and a vacuum flexible membrane, providing flexibility to leak test a variety of container types, container size and content.

The Multi-Q provides a cost effective and reliable packaging leak test solution for manufacturers that require high levels of quality control. The non-destructive and deterministic test methods provide quick, reliable, and repeatable results enabling customers to improve the accuracy of their leak detection procedures and reduce cost as the method prevents the packaging from being damaged.

The Multi-Q can help you ensure compliance with FSMA, GAMP, GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 regulatory requirements. The system utilizes the ASTM F2338-09(2013) standard for the vacuum decay and flexible membrane with vacuum decay methods, and the ASTM E2930-13 standard for the pressure decay test method.