Detectable Products

Detectamet Food Safe Detectable Products

MD Packaging is a distributor for Detectamet. Detectamet’s key focus is the design, manufacture and supply of X-ray and metal detectable products. The Detectamet brand is a global leader offering an extensive range of patent protected designs globally.

Detectamet Inc was established in October 2014 and is a wholly and independently owned USA sister branch of Detectamet Ltd (& CK Safety Ltd).

The Detectamet brand is internationally recognized and has gained a positive reputation as a prolific designer, manufacturer and distributor of detectable plastic tools and equipment. These can be identified by metal and X-ray inspection machines installed on food processing lines. If the tools or equipment fall into the food processing equipment it is possible for the resulting pieces to be discovered and the contaminated food is then rejected before dispatch. This reduces the risk that costly food recalls will have to be initiated.

Detectamet is a ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 accredited company that have been collectively supplying the Food, Pharmaceutical and related industries for over 20 years from the United Kingdom.

Detectamet tools and equipment are used by many leading food producers that specify them in order to strengthen their GMP and HACCP management systems, thus demonstrating due diligence in food safety and protection of their corporate brand reputation.

It is a basic requirement of the majority of approved food safety certification schemes, including GFSI, IFS and BRC that detection systems are in place to prevent the production and distribution of physically contaminated products. Detectamet’s stationery, tools, equipment and materials are designed to replace their non-detectable equivalents used in food production areas. Many of these items have been ‘lost in process’ and later found by customers when they have consumed the contaminated food causing loss of reputation and expensive recalls.

In addition to the tried and tested detectable equipment Detectamet is continually developing new and innovative solutions. These provide answers to the challenges of reducing the risks of foreign body contamination in food and pharmaceutical products.

The Company range incorporates several thousand designs, including tools and accessories based on metal detectable plastics, stainless steels and aluminum. The company also supplies engineering companies with machinable detectable plastics that can be used to manufacture parts fitted into food processing machinery.

Detectamet was officially opened by Maurice Jones the Virginia State Secretary of Commerce and Trade at its new facilities in Richmond, Virginia in 2015.

The new premises will provide the company’s customers in the United States, North America, and South America with a more efficient distribution service. The company brings many years’ experience in helping food processing companies produce safer food which supports the recent implementation of the US Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) which is changing the focus of protecting the US food supply by pro-actively preventing contamination.

Detectamet is proud to provide their customers with the largest range of detectable products in the world, which help prevent foreign contaminates getting into the food chain and then reaching the consumer. Detectamet has helped thousands of companies reduce the risk of expensive recalls whilst ensuring brand reputation,” says Angela Musson-Smith, President of Detectamet Inc.