Weighing Technologies

Ohlson A Duravant Company

MD Packaging and Ohlson have been partners in the Canadian marketplace since 1989.

The Ohlson Packaging line of equipment began in 1967 and has long been known for the durability and uptime performance critical to the success of your packaging line. Their engineers, machinists, welders and service technicians are exceptionally skilled and dedicated workers committed to your long-term success. The rugged, overbuilt quality of Ohlson systems ensures maximum uptime with no under-weights or under-counts guaranteed.


Combination Weighers & Counting Systems

Ohlson Stainless Steel Combination scale multihead Weighers & Counters are perfect for a wide array of high accuracy and high speed weighing and counting applications. They’re easy to operate, clean and maintain. Their systems will weigh/count your product and fill your containers with speeds up to 240 cycles per minute and accuracies to a fraction of a gram—among industry leaders in performance and reliability.


Linear Weighers & Counting Systems

Ohlson Stainless Steel Linear Weighing & Counting Systems are an ideal solution for automating your highly repetitive, labor-intensive processes. Systems are available in single-lane to eight-lane models. Each lane typically does the work of four to five hand packers.  These extremely rugged machines will last years and years—many of their 1970’s models are still in production today—and the systems can be modular. For example, you can begin with a single lane today and, when needed, double your production by adding another machine.