Vertical Form/Fill/Seal Machines

Matrix Packaging Machinery

MD Packaging and Matrix Packaging Machine are partners in the Canadian marketplace since 2023.

Matrix Packaging Machinery offers best-in-class vertical form/fill/seal machines for various applications. Each Matrix VFFS system can meet customers’ unique needs because they are built with efficiency in mind. Matrix makes a noticeable difference in your packaging line with high accuracy and speed, continuous web tracking, advanced motion control, and environmental protection features such as IP65 hygiene standards.

Matrix MVC-300 VFFS Machine

Morpheus – MVC-300 Series VFFS

The Matrix MVC-300 is a top-of-the-line servo-driven continuous box-motion bagger with a high-speed jaw system, delivering faster speeds and increased accuracy with films like polyethylene, which often require longer seal times. The film is pulled while the jaw is closed instead of waiting until the jaw opens to pull film. Therefore, gentle product handling occurs while the jaw is elevated and the product is deposited into the bag, minimizing the drop distance. The film is pulled down as the jaw lowers to seal the top of the bag.

Matrix Mercury VFFS

Mercury HS VFFS Machine

Due to its speed, dependability and low operating cost, the Matrix Mercury HS is the most popular Matrix VFFS Machine. It is fully compatible with nearly any filler and can seal laminate or poly film. The Mercury provides a self-centering film drive-down system, an automatic edge guide, and film tracking for precise film movement and trouble-free operation.

Matrix Elete VFFS

Elete VFFS Machine

The Elete 13/15 and the Elete 18/20 are vertical form fill seal machines designed for various industries. This High-performance series is configurable for small and large bags. With automatic film tracking, a stainless steel frame, an optional printer, labeler, or printer options, and multiple valve application features and cycles of 100 bpm it delivers satisfaction.

Matrix Elete Permier VFFS

Elete Premier VFFS Machine

The Elete Premier is a hygienic stainless-steel machine, designed to thrive in high sanitation environments. It offers  the same options as Elete with the added benefit of ground and polished welds, stud weld tie hooks and a weld drip pan- a worry-free sanitary design.

Bag in Bag Machine

Elete Bag in Bag VFFS Machine

The Bag-in-Bag is the solution for packaging multiple products in an overwrap bag. It feastures quick changeovers and setups and its upper section can produce pillow bags and bypass the lower section when needed.  This model is proven to lower production costs and increase time efficiencies stretching your investment even farther.