MD Packaging and SureKap have been partners in the Canadian marketplace since 1989.

SureKap knows packaging equipment. Their expertise with inline capping machines is second to none. They manufacture a wide variety of heavy duty inline capping equipment that meets the requirements of most cap types, shapes and sizes. From the compact and durable tabletop capper SK-CT90 to the fully automatic, high speed TSK8000-BF6 their capping machines set the standard in accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. They also have an option for effectively applying large diameter caps, the SK6000X-BF6 Capper. Choose from their range of cappers to handle most continuous thread or snap cap applications.



The SK-CT90 is designed as a bench mount, semi-automatic cap tightener that reliably and accurately tightens any continuous thread caps (including child proof). This air-powered capper controls torque by air regulator. The universal bottle guide accurately centers round, square, rectangular, oval or odd shaped containers. The tightener assembly is attached to a support stand which can be mounted to a table top or a semi-automatic filler.



As a semi-automatic, straight line, six spindle Cap Tightener & Retorquer, the SK600 can handle all standard cap torquing duties. Perfect for tightening Pumps and Trigger Sprayers where automatic insertion of the pumps and triggers is not feasible. Useful after induction sealers to ensure caps are properly retorqued before leaving the line. This machine can be upgraded to a fully automatic capper.


SK6000-18 CAPPER

The fully automatic, straight line, six spindle SK6000-18 Capper features a head-mounted heavy duty C-chute. This model’s heavy duty design is durable and drastically reduces the need for maintenance while increasing productivity and flexibility.


SK6000-BF6 Capper

Based on a heavy duty stainless steel frame, this fully automatic capper utilizes the latest technology to automatically place and precisely torque a wide spectrum of cap types onto virtually any bottle style. The straight line, six spindle capper features a new non-vibratory, high speed belt feeder with floor level loading and is designed for maximum efficiency and versatility.


SK6000X-BF6 Capper

The SK6000X-BF6 is a fully automatic, inline, six spindle capper designed for large cap applications. This machine features NEW Cap Correction Technology to overcome cross-threading issues typical of large caps. Features an innovative belt feed system that eliminates vibratory bowls, overhead hopper loading and time consuming changeovers on a range of flat caps.


SK6000-SP Capper

Designed for special applications and high speed, the SK6000-SP is a fully automatic, straight line, six spindle capper with a head mounted heavy duty straight chute.


SK6000-SKFC Capper

A fully automatic, straight line, six spindle capper with high speed belt feeder that eliminates vibratory bowls, overhead hopper loading and time consuming changeovers on a range of flat caps. Includes six spindle with two sets of clutches. Our spindle cappers handle almost any bottle type or shape including P.E.T, P.V.C., plastic and glass.