Tray Forming


MD Packaging is an authorized partner for Boix in Canada for sales and service.

Boix Q1500 Tray Former

Q-1500 Tray Former

  • The Q-1500 can be adapted easily and quickly to various tray design formats of corrugated board.
  • The machine has 6 speeds and a production between 1.000 and 1.500 trays per hour.
  • The Q-1500 is a compact machine and loading of blanks is done automatically from the feeding system.
Boix Q1600 Tray Former

Q-1600 Tray Former

  • The Q-1600-I can erect both corrugated and solid board trays.
  • The machine has 8 speeds and a capacity between 400 and 1.600 trays per hour.
  • Pre-feeder is integrated in the machine.
  • Can form trays up to 350mm in height.
Boix FP4 Tray Former

FP-4/2M-3 Tray Former

  • The FP4/2M-3 is the multifunctional version of the FP-4/2M and can erect practically all regular corrugated board trays.
  • Suitable for trays with open or closed columns, 180 degrees folding on the short side and trays with ledge.
  • Possibility to add kits to increase functionalities.
Boix 2400 Tray Former

Q-2400 Tray Former

  • The Q-2400 combines innovation and flexibility in one machine. The machine has 6 speeds and a sustainable maximum speed of 2400 tray per hour.
  • It is an interesting machine for large volumes of corrugated board trays.
  • Can be adapted easily to various tray design formats.
  • The loading of blanks is done automatically from the feeding system.

MD Packaging is Emerald Automation’s exclusive distributor in Canada.

Tray Former

Consistent and reliable tray forming requires an innovative and simple approach. Emerald Automation integrates years of experience into every piece of equipment to provide rugged construction complemented with state of the art technologies.

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